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Corporate Wellness

Lively programs motivate employees to empower themselves with healthy lifestyle choices and focus preventative services to reduce health risks such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. This is the most cost effective way to reduce health care costs. Linda will work with your benefits and upper management to achieve insurance coverage for prevention and treatment with medical nutrition therapy including individual nutrition counseling and group lunch and learn programs. Changing corporate culture such as eating and multitasking, business travel and eating and exercise management can be provided.

Our goal is to work as a team to help employers create a positive work environment through awareness, planning, and providing the lifestyle tools to make changes happen. Hence, increased productivity reduced healthcare costs.

Four Great Programs

  • One to one individual counseling.
    We can provide onsite nutrition counseling to help employees with medical conditions such as obesity, diabetes, alcohol abuse, and cholesterol management.

  • Lunch and learn nutrition and healthy lifestyle seminars and workshops that focus on achieving balance, boosting communication and productivity, eliminating stress and including physical activity. 

  • Eat Fit Be Fit Group Weight Loss Challenge.
    Group sessions are available with teams to act as a support to create positive change. Ask for our detailed program outline.

  • Eight Week Blue Print For Health Intervention Program
    This program is designed to provide the most cutting edge research proven to help lower a persons risk of medical problems such as heart disease, diabetes, overweight, cancer and other disorders such as osteoporosis. The presentations include taste testing, weekly handouts with recipes, lifestyle recommendations that are added weekly to their workbook which can be referred back to. Participants are not only given reasons why they may need to change but tools that are lacking from other existing programs. The results are to improve quality of life both at work and at home resulting in lower health care costs associated with development or progression of many medical conditions. Many insurance programs offer employers incentives which may lower insurance premiums.

General Corporate Health

  • Change Office Eating Culture Now: From Eating Meals at Desks to Donuts and Coffee
  • Leadership Eating Principles: Executives Eating Guide for Business Meetings, Importance of Time for Meals Away from Work and Travel

Popular Topics

  • Eat Fit, Be Fit: Health and Weight Management Solutions
  • Farm Fresh, Pesticide Free: What does it all mean?
  • Hot Topics In Nutrition

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